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Around two years ago Carlo, the owner of My Yoga Place, Ayr asked me to help him out with his adaptive yoga classes and I loved it so much that I continued to show up every week. We now teach an adult class each every week (also now online). In June 2019, we both completed the Mind Body Solutions Adapting Yoga for Disability training with Mind Body Solutions. This changed our whole outlook on what yoga is, who can practice and how to teach. 


We introduced children’s yoga after discovering Pauline Brennan of Ayr Kids Yoga and together, Carlo, Pauline and I started Yogable: a company that provides adaptive yoga classes for all, including ASDN and special needs children. We accept everyone in our Yogable classes and find ways to help people express the yoga postures in their own way. 


Our mission is to be part of a movement to make yoga available and accessible to all. For a little snippet of what we do and why we do it, click here.


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