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Yoga Nidra

Want to deeply relax your mind as well as your body? Try Yoga Nidra.


More than simply a guided meditation, Yoga Nidra is a specific state of internal awareness. It is a conscious experience of dreamless, deep sleep where a person becomes connected with the inner world and disconnects from the outer world.

You'll be guided through a detailed and specific script. At the beginning of the instructions, may be asked to set a Sankalpa or make a resolution to yourself. During the practice, most people experience the feeling of having gone away, but not necessarily to have fallen asleep (although that can happen too). It's a state of consciousness, between being awake and being in sleep.


During the practice the body functions become minimal, metabolism slows down and the hormonal function increases. Therefore, the body gets the chance to begin repairing and restoring. The body begins to conserve energy, removes fatigue and rejuvenates the brain.

Yoga nidra can be deeply beneficial to help you relax if you can't sleep, or to take some time out in your day to completely let your brain rest.